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Sump pit oddities?

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Hello folks,

Just about the renovate the basement in a new (to us) home that was built 8 years ago.

When we purchased the home a few months ago (late summer) we inherited a stand mount sump pump. Since then, I've replaced it with a submersible with battery backup (Basement Watchdog) which is quieter and generally a lot more elegant than its predecessor.

We noticed during the swap that the inlet (which i assume is the weeping tile) is bone dry, but the sump pit fills up from the bottom gradually. In fact, even after a rain, I don't think I've seen water enter the pit through the inlet... always from the bottom. The water that does enter from the bottom appears to be clean -- doesn't look like there is any mud or dirt brought in with it.

When its dry out, the sump still might discharge every hour. When there is heavy rain, the pump probably discharges 4-6 times per hour. There are a couple of issues I need to address in the spring with regards to landscaping and gutters/downspouts that are no doubt current deficiencies.

All that being said, I guess I'm just concerned by the lack of evidence of any water is entering the sump pit from the inlet. The foundation walls/slab all seem dry and there are no signs of any current or past water issues with the basement. The drywall, framing and existing carpet I ripped out was in perfect shape and for what its worth, our home inspector didn't notice anything abnormal with his moisture meter.

There are a couple of hairline cracks with a small amount of efflorescence, but that's it. I plan to have the cracks injected for peace of mind before I start framing.

Any suggestions as to what might be happening (high water table, etc etc). Should I be concerned, or just be happy that the system (pump) is working as it should.
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