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Sump float question

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I just installed a 1hp sump that has the float that's on a cord an it wasnt kicking in even when sideways an water level up to pump..It doesnt kick in on it's own unless I jiggle or move that float.
It has a single plug.
Can I install a external /replacement float switch with this set up or will I have issues since my pump is directly wired to the original switch?
I tested it after wiring in the new one with the piggy back plug ,with the original float diagonal an it kicked in ,pumped an then kept running after water out..
Not sure this can work but wanted to know what I may be able to try.
Pic is original float with water as high as the top of pump -an NOT engaging.


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I don't really like those floating cord switches. They generally need to be almost straight up before they come on. My sumps are narrow and there really isn't enough swing room without risking them catching on the sides and not working. And it's hard to adjust the range at which they come on/off.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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