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Suitable replacement motor?

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Hi new to HVAC here. My condenser fan motor is shot and old i could not find an exact match for the specs so i would like to know if the new motor is a suitable replacement for the old

OLD: 208-230V 60Hz 1/6hp 1110rpm 1.0A 5mfd370vac capacitor

NEW: 208-230V 60Hz 1/6hp 1075rpm .8-.9 full load amps 3mfd370vac capacitor

i may be wrong about the capacitor on the old motor the motor info tag was a little worn
Grainger item # 4uy74 is the motor match that was given when i entered the specs of my old one
Also can i reverse the fan rotation by switching the leads if i need to?

Thanks, mike
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The RPMS of the new motor is close enough where it shouldn't be a problem. The only thing I would be concerned with is if the motor pulls a full AMP you may have a problem. Typically they pull .5 AMP or less. I would try it.:thumbsup:
alright thanks guys i went ahead and ordered a comparable motor to grainger's item. hopefully next time i post i'll be claiming victory!
A condenser motor has to withstand a 130F airstream, or not?
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