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Hello from Florida,
We have a small farm and have many projects completed and upcoming. One of them is to build some sort of cover/roof over an area that is used for our farm operations. It is not part of the house but a totally separate building in another part of the property. Anyway, since we are poor farmers, we have been bartering for materials and building everything ourselves. So, we need ideas or suggestions on creative ways to build a pergola type cover for a concrete pad which is attached to the "barn"
The reason I say pergola is that I'm thinking something that is not solid would look better. I've priced the privacy lattice at lowes: 4 x 8' sheets for $20. That might work. However, still a bit more than we want to spend. I've attached photos of the area. Any ideas on how to build a pergola or use some other material for the roof??? We would consider metal if have to, and I even looked at the bamboo fencing at lowes. It comes in a roll 6 feet high by 15 feet long. However, I'm thinking it wouldn't last very long????
It measures 26 feet wide x 20 feet deep. And you can see there's about a 12" slope from building to end of pad. Another challenge.


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