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Suggestions for preventing weeds yet wont harbor moisture?

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Along the front of our house from the driveway to the front steps is a small area, roughly 10ft by 5 ft that my wife wants to plant flowers. This is the North side of the house and does not get much sun so the ground rarely gets a chance to dry out. The basement wall right at this site has effloresence that I think is likely from moisutre instrusion through the foundation brick wall. The last thing I want is to put material for weed control that will harbor moisture in the ground. We had cedar mulch there for several years and it seemed to keep the ground very wet and I think that may be contributing to the basement problem.

Ill take any suggestions for materials that help prevent weeds yet allow moisture to move. Im thinking weed fabric with topsoil overtop, graded away from the house. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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Buy some weed & grass killer. Wait for a day with no breezes. Spray the weeds. Wait a week or more. When the weeds have died, pull them out. Then spread something like Preen in the flower bed.

This is what I do, and for the most part I don't have a problem with weeds in my flower beds. I do still have a few. Every month or so in the spring and summer I have to go through and spray a few weeds again, but not very many.
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