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i have a shed that had a window ac in it.It was fed with 10-2 wire with a 30 amp 220 volt breaker from the main panel from the house. I want to put in a sub panel ,the sub panel i have is a 125 amp 2 main lug with neutral bar and ground bar can i use the 10-2 wire to wire the sub panel? Ill only be hooking up a 115v ac and a overhead light and one outlet.
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If the AC is 240 volts you do not have a neutral in the cable. You can reconfigure the cable for 120 volt but every other breaker tab will be dead.
Feeding both legs of the panel could overload the neutral. You would be creating a mwbc.
If they feed both hot lugs like you suggested the feed now could have neutral current from 2 circuits on the same leg flowing on the undersized neutral.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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