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subpanel wire size question

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I've installed a 125 amp Siemens main lug as a subpanel next to my main in the basement, I plan on powering it with a 60amp breaker from the main. I've read that 6/3 nm-b with ground can be used, so as a I was starting to hook everything up I happend to glance at the label on the panel and it says to use 2/0-4awg. Is the 6/3 too small or can I go ahead and use it? Thanks


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Smallest wire the lugs are rated for is #4. Can't use #6.
You could splice on a short length of #4 to the #6 and fit the #4 in the lugs.
Or you could change the lugs to ones that will fit your wire.
I didn't know chaning out the lugs was allowed? I see some on the home depot site that may fit my box.

Don't really want to splice the wire.

Or I suppose I could go get some #4thhn and run it in some conduit. not at home to look at the breaker but I think #4 will fit in a 60amp
Just use the lugs and forget about it.
We try not to endorse hacking at a DIY site... :no:
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