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Subpanel feeder wire run briefly between concrete and floor?

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Without going into great detail, I am going to be running a 6/3 feeder wire through a few joists in my basement ceiling and up a wall shared with the attached garage. I have a unique situation in that there is a 'bump out' front entry closet that sticks into the garage a couple feet. It sits on the garage slab, but the surface of the closet floor is 14" above the slab.

I can only assume that the feeder wire needs to punch horizontally through a) what I am assuming is a 2x10 (or similar) at the ends of the joists, and b) vertically through the shared wall sole plate, passing through either emptiness or insulation a) beneath the closet floor and b) above the concrete slab.

My question is is there a problem with this insofar as the presence of concrete or insulation is concerned?
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No problem that I can think of... just some hard work or challenge to get access maybe.
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