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Subfloors for basement

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Hi I just was wondering which subfloor product do homeowners on this forum use? Dricore, delta fl, Barricade, Platon etc. and is price or ease if installation a major factor for you.
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Sub floor in a basement is seldom used---to many problems with water getting under it--then mold and eventually having to rip it out---

There is a thread from a few days back on this very sublect---perhaps someone can find a link to it ---
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Did you try a "search" in the white box, top of every page? eg;

there are always a chance of moisture and mold in basements but lots of people like a subfloor so they don't walk on a cold hard floor and if they have a minor water problem,flooring and your contents aren't destroyed. i recommend platon rolled out, duct taped together, then 3/4" or 5/8" tongue and groove pressure treated plywood tapconed down.
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