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Would it be a bad idea to place 3/8 plywood directly on the subfloor and then have the basement carpeted?

do you have to elevate the subfloor? I know its recommended but I figured it the plywood directly on the subfloor would be better than nothing.

any feedback would be great

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What material is the floor you want to put the 3/8 plywood onto?
unfinished basement, cement floor.
The plywood would absorb moisture from the slab, so you'll need some sort of air gap between it and the concrete floor.
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maybe a moisture barrier, but i'm fairly certain there are flooring products to put over concrete as it's a typical issue.
There are products but they are expensive $6 for a 2x2 section. Didn't know if plywood right on the floor would get the job done.
Those are pricey. Google this as an alternative... "dimpled polyurethane underlayment" You can also use just a vapor barrier, but if there is moisture problems, mold is soon to follow.
The dimpled material plus 1/2 plywood separately runs about $1.20/sq ft vs $1.5/sq ft for the premade 2x2. And if the 2x2 prepmade materials click together and flat as a single unit, that extra cost quoted seem worth it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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