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Hey everyone,

Am beginning work on remodeling two bedrooms into a mater with a small bathroom and walk in closet. Am in the very beginning stages and am wondering a bit about subfloor. As of right now there is carpet, several layers fake wood floor, and 1 by material used as the main subfloor.

As of right now i would like to carpet the main area and the walk in, god willing i would like to use tile of some sort in the bathroom. I have 2x8 joists 16oc for support.

Right now there are some squeaks as you walk in a few areas, but overall the wood is solid and in good shape. Should i add another layer of osb over the dimensional material already there for the whole area and use a concrete board for the floor in the bathroom over that? I would screw everything down again either way to hopefully get rid of any squeaks. What thicknesses should i be looking for ?

Appreciate your info guys! This site has been a great help!!
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...remodeling two bedrooms into a master with a small bathroom and walk in closet... wondering a bit about subfloor... 2x8 joists 16oc for support.
How many LF of wall will you be removing?
Right now there are some squeaks...
What is the blocking & bridging situation?
One wall 11 feet long will be removed and put back in place, the space is 11x20. The wall divides it by length at 9 feet, it would be put back at 7 foot. Blocking and bridging consists of small 1x3 material installed diaginally between each joist.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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