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Putting down 5/8" tongue and groove ply subfloor(hardwood eventually on top) in 2nd storey bedroom... 2x10 floor joist. Planning to use PL Premium subfloor adhesive but wondering what screw to use. Is a 2.5" construction grade screw with 5/8 unthreaded stem alright... Or is there something better? See the pic below...thank you!


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Seems to me you'll be setting yourself up for squeaks.

If you blow the threaded part of the shank through the ply's, you'll have nothing but the head holding the sheathing down.

Not an expert though. Just the first thing that came to mind. Think I'll be digging deeper myself on this one.

Length seems a bit much as well. I would think 3/4" into the joist would be more than enough to hold.
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