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Need some advice...Planning on installing hardwood this weekend and came across an unexpected issue last night prepping the subfloor.

As I pulled up the carpet and tile where the new hardwood will be, I notcied that the builder had put an additional 3/8" subfloor under the tiled area so the two subfloor levels are not the same. I'm trying to get advice as to whether I should just put down 3/8" plywood or OSB where the carpet was to bring the two areas level or if I should try to cut out and pry up the 3/8" where the tile was.

To give an idea, the total area is 650 sq. ft. but the current area that has the extra 3/8" subfloor is only about 150 sq. ft. max. The other issue is that the kitchen cabinets are sitting on top of this extra 3/8" subfloor so I'd have to cut around them and tear out if I go that route....

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