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Hi everyone.. I'm a Construction Student and I have been stuck on this problem
for two days now.. I'm currently learning how to calculate blocks and rebar.
Now we moved to labor hours.

I read the book back and forth and does not give me the formula to figure it out,.

The question on my homework is:
Determine the cost of the Lay of CMU Blocks
and the Labor Hours.

The SF is 1386.64SF

8.5 labor hours per 100sf of wall is $21.03
6 mason hour per 100sf of wall $42.00

Any help would so Tremendously appreciated!!
Thank you

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From the information you provided I can only assume that the formula would be something like this:
(8.5 x $21.03 = $178.76) per 100 sq. ft. of wall + (6 x $42.00 = $252.00) per 100 sq. ft. of wall.
$178.76 + $252.00 = $430.76 per 100 sq. ft. of wall
You have 13.8664 (100 sq. ft. sections of wall)
so...$430.76 x 13.8664 = $5973.09 in labor costs.
Sound right?

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