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Stud spacing...

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So here's a newbie question...I've been spacing my studs 16" o.c...but there are some cases where the stud might be bent due to warping or the stud moved slightly as I was that a big problem if in someplaces the spacing between the studs is off by within an inch?
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It could be when you go to hang drywall or sheathing on it. The edge of a sheet falls on only 3/4 of an inch to begin with. WIth a stud that's off an inch and warped to boot, you may miss it completely. Take a piece of 2x4 cut 14-1/2" long. Lay it between the studs as you toe nail one side only. When you have all the studs set, go back the other direction and toe nail the opposite side. They won't shift around as much that way and you'll have a better chance of preserving your 16" centers.
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