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Stud spacing...

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So here's a newbie question...I've been spacing my studs 16" o.c...but there are some cases where the stud might be bent due to warping or the stud moved slightly as I was that a big problem if in someplaces the spacing between the studs is off by within an inch?
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You shouldn't intentionally vary the spacing because at the very least it can be a source of aggravation trying to find studs where they should be but aren't.

That being said, if they are interior nonload bearing walls then you might get by not fixing it. Some folks use 24" spacing so an occassional 17" space instead of 16" should be fine structurally. Some drywallers actually like to float the butt ends between the studs so hitting the edge with drywall might not be an issue (check with your drywaller). But they won't like trying to find the irregular spacing with their drywall screws in the field. If you're doing the drywall yourself you can quickly mark the stud locations. If you aren't floating the ends you can just work off the stud spacing as it is and probably have one extra cut per row per wall (and a little more waste).

If they are exterior walls then fix then so your sheathing fits. If they are interior load bearing walls then fix them because the load bearing characteristics of the wall were based on 16" centers.
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