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Stuck recessed lights

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Can anyone suggest a tool or method to remove our stuck recessed "can" lights? I think the wrong size or type was used (they are totally flat, fit snugly into the can, and are up about 3/4 inch from ceiling level), and even using duct tape or "gripper" tools we can't unscrew the bulbs - all that's happened is they are pushed up into the ceiling so they're loose and there's no torque to unscrew them any more. (see attached picture) We haven't been able to get the housing rings off, either. This is in an 8 foot ceiling so everything has to be done at the top of a ladder. Anyone have any suggestions??


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Thanks Palibob :( unfortunately we can't push up on these, as it pushes them up above the ceiling - the whole socket and wires then turn freely, not just the bulb. I think we'll have to have someone in to somehow get the outer rings off (they have some kind of prongs inside that hold them to the ceiling).
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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