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Hello! I'm new to the DIY Chat but have been researching updating our late 1970ish ugly brick fireplace (which I had previously painted white) with a stucco finish.

Has anyone on here done this before? It says it is a moderately hard project…we've done our own tile laying in bathrooms, wood flooring installs, etc. so I'm not totally new to DIY projects.

The information I've been gathering says to use ready-to-use stucco mix. I'm having trouble finding this. Is it called something else? I found "stucco PATCH" in the paint section at Lowe's but in the ourdoor exterior building area it was all Quik-crete products related to concrete/cement. Do I use some combination of these to come up with a "stucco" material? If so, which ones?

Also, if anyone has done this project…any helpful hints as I get started? Did you feel this was a pretty do-able DIY project and were you happy with the results?

Thanks! And it's fun to join your community!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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