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I'm looking for suggestions/solutions for my stoop issue. Stoop collects water because previous owners didn't leave a place for water to drain.

Problem 1 (Patching Hole): Previous owners built a new stoop to the front of the house and didn’t leave a place for water to drain. (See the 2" lip that goes around the stoop collects water when it rains)

The back corner in the first picture is downhill, so I thought I would attempt to put a drain over there.

I began drilling with a hole saw, which went through the first layer pretty easy, then got very difficult. That’s when I realized it was concrete for another 1″ – 2″ before it goes hollow underneath the stoop.

So I stopped drilling.

My thought now is to patch this hole I started…but I don’t know what surface of the stoop is made of. Is that stucco over concrete? Take a look at the image showing the layers.

Trying to figure out what I should do about patching this hole.

Problem 2 (Drain Solution): If I don't continue with the drain idea, my next thought is to cut a 4" - 6" channel out of the lip of the stoop for water to flow out of.

If I cut the channel out of the stoop, my plan is to patch it with stucco. Is that the right move?

Any other ideas welcome. Thank you


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