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Hired a stucco guy to work on some stucco around 4 windows. They spilled a lot of stucco mix.

When they did the headers of the window blobs of the stucco mix dropped everywhere, some got on the bottom tracks of the window, and some got on the bottom of the wall where I have clay pavers. Also some got onto hosebibs and water shutoff valves. They only worked in some areas but their footprint with stucco coming in and out hundreds of times pretty much got it all over.

When they cleaned up they used a garden hose and sprayed all the pavers. At first it looked ok when the pavers were wet, but after a few hours when it dries up I see a white haze all over, and many many spots of stucco on the pavers. I tried to remove it with a bush broom, no luck, with a metal wire brush that worked but it would be insane to try and wire brush 1600SF of my paver deck. I called the stucco guy and he said that's fairly typical and a couple of rain storm and some traffic wear and tear it will not be noticeable after a few months...:vs_mad:

I just spent four hours cleaning all of the stucco off window tracks, frames, hose bibs and water valves. Now I am trying to figure out how to deal with the clay paver deck. Will it clean up if I pressure wash the entire deck?


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Wow. That's terrible they left it like that. I'd be having a talk with the manager of the company. They should definitely be responsible. Hope you can work something out with them.

Idk if the power washing would help or not, but that's what I was going to suggest. Worth a shot. Your stucco company's suggestion of waiting a couple months for wear and tear to fix it seems like the easy way out. Gotta be a quicker way. Standby, someone here may know how to clean it up quicker.

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