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Strange Tub/Toilet interaction

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My home is about 7 years old. The toilet in the master bath is just on the other side of the wall from the tub. Two months or so ago we replaced the toilet guts and the toilet seems to work fine now. However, we now have a new problem: Every time the toilet is flushed, a gurgling noise is heard in the tub. Worse, after a few flushes, sewer smells come from the tub drain. Running water down the tub drain instantly removes the smell, but after a few flushes, it comes back again. What is happening and how do I fix it?
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Thank you for your reply. A venting problem makes alot of sense. This is on the first floor, no basements in this part of the country, so I can't take any photos. However, I know there is a trap. Since this worked properly for several years until recently, I am thinking a critter or something else may have partially blocked the vent. I need to get someone to get up on the roof to confirm. Thanks again.
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