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Brix ...

Kentwood Flooring / Evergreen Manufacturing
Metro Manila
Attn: Vivian Gruba
Phone: (02) 813-8943

The installers travel to all areas of the Philippines. My project was in Bacolod City ... After finishing with me, the installers said they were on there way to Cebu.

The installers work for the same company that the Engineered wood planks were bought from.

Thanks for the reply. By the way, how's your engineered wood flooring doing so far? Does it really adjust to the change in temperature & humidity? Does it look nice after installation? Was it installed properly? Was the contractor good as well as the quality of the materials that were used? Sorry if I ask too many questions coz I want to make sure before I ask the to install for my house also. Appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much!!!
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