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Well its a concrete block/pour building covered with stucco and painted white, built around 1920, was once a little family store. Pretty solid all around. Or at least, so I thought. I got possession of it about a year ago.

Now suddenly, this is happening above all the windows. It looks like the brickwork above them is sagging and detaching.
Of course rain will seep in and accelerate the process.
I don't understand this as the building was as I say built in 1920, why this all of a sudden, now? And I'm perplexed as to what exactly to do.

My thought is maybe to squirt masonry caulk in and then somehow drill and tap some long concrete screw anchors vertically up from underneath, to pull or secure the brickwork back up. Overkill, apt to crack, or necessary? Anyone have any thoughts??

(photos coming)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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