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Stovetop frying pan lasagna
Lidia Bastianich wrote a new cookbook and she included stove top lasagna.
I read the recipe and it was a little sketchy (I often find written
recipes a little confusing) and she did not put any
Meat in it, I think. I took inspiration from this recipe and did it my way.
I did a pictorial in chronological order.

Here I did it my way…and it went together quickly and it was
so fun. I didn’t put any eggs in the ricotta..I also made garlic bread with mozzarella and after it came out of the air fryer I topped each piece with an anchovy.
It was very good and went together quickly.
1 - 28 oz can plum tomatoes
8 broken ( uncooked )lasagna noodles in 4 pieces
2 cups ricotta
2 handfuls of grating cheese
2 Handful of shredded mozzarella
Chopped Parsley, torn basil, garlic, salt/pepper
and Italian seasoning.

First I made a marinara sauce with one can of plum tomatoes
That I wizzed through the food processor. fried 3 cloves of garlic
In a little extra virgin olive oil …then added the tomatoes, salt/pepper
1 teaspoon Italian seasoning, about 3 tablespoons chopped parsley
and 2 tablespoons half and half. simmered it for about 15 minutes while
I sautéed 12 oz of chopped up sausages ( without the skins) in a dollop of oil.

After the sausages were cooked I added a few tablespoons of sauce on
Top of the sausage.
Then I put down broken lasagna noodles, then more sauce, then one cup of
Ricotta mixed with one cup of ricotta and a handful of mozzarella and grating cheese, a bit of salt and some chopped parsley…spooned on more sauce and put on more parsley and basil

Then put down more noodles, more sauce and the second cup of ricotta
Mixed with mozzarella, grating cheese, salt and parsley, and spooned more
Sauce on top…added the top layer of noodles, covered it with sauce and
Torn basil and grating cheese…put the flame on very low ( I also used a defuser)
Covered the pan tightly and simmered it for 25 minutes. ( the edges bubbled all around) I Checked if the noodles were done with a knife…then put mozzarella on top and put it under the broiler to Melt the cheese…it was really delicious and Fun to make.
Note: while you’re putting this together do not stir anything, just make layers

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Oh, I'm hungry now and I already ate!
What kind of cheese is.the grated cheese?
Do you mince your garlic?
I had an older friend, a tomato farmer's wife, who would freeze her garlic, then when needed she would splinter a frozen clove with the flat side of a knife blade. It worked really well.
Grating cheese is either pecorino Romano or Parmigiana cheese…I buy the chunks and grate it myself...yes, I chop the garlic.

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I meant mince or chop. I wouldn't think you would just throw in a clove. 🙂
I actually use chopped more than minced, however, I’ve done both…even use a garlic press sometimes and a garlic slicer that slices the garlic paper thin. The garlic sliced is a handy little gadget.

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My wife makes a "one-pot lasagna" recipe in the Instant Pot. Everyone loves it. I'm more of a lasagna traditionalist, but almost any lasagna is good, especially if I don't have to make it.

There are lots of one-pot lasagna recipes out there. Just be careful Googling it; make sure it's "one-pot lasagna" and not just "pot lasagna." That recipe can get a bit more expensive. We have to be careful how we say it when telling guests what's for dinner, too.
The one that I made was actually very delicious…and fast and easy…the head guy heated up in the microwave, a big hunk of it for breakfast and said it was even more tastier than last night.
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