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Storm Door Not Square in Frame

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I've got a 15 year old Andersen storm door that is no longer square in its frame and is causing the door not to close completely. In the attached images, you can see the gap on the top, non-hinge side when closed. No stripped screws or visible warping.

Link to additional photos: (modified to avoid forum restriction)

https: //

Anyone know if this can be adjusted or if this is best resolved with a new door?



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Well, believe it or not, that was enough of a push in the right direction to find the problem. While inspecting the hinges I popped off the previously unseen flashing that covers the outdoor screws mounting the door to the frame. Both of the top two screws were considerably loose, 1/8" out ... effectively allowing the door to bend at this hinge. (screws shown in attached)

Now it is closing nice and smooth again.

Thank you!


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