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Storage Shed / Playhouse modification

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Hi. Wasn't sure which forum to use for this question.
The previous owner had installed a Playhouse in the backyard. It's about 10 x 12 feet, with monkey bars, slides, swings, all that stuff.
Our kids are all moved out, and we have a need for a storage shed for gardening equipment - this thing would be perfect.
The problem is, it's 6 foot high on 6x6 posts.
It's not built like a commercial playhouse for kids, it's built like a storage shed on stilts!!!
What I mean is, it's got Anderson double pane glass windows, the roof is truss construction with 3 in 1 shingles, and it is built very well out of construction lumber. The sides are T 1-11 siding.

So, We've removed all the extras; slide, bars, swings, etc., and are trying to figure out the best way to lower this down.

Here's my plan - but please feel free to offer a better solution if you have one.

I'm going to cut out all the 6x6 posts except the (4) corner posts (I think there's 7 or 8 posts holding this thing up).
Buy a 2x6, 12 foot long.
My plan is to lag bolt the 2x6 horizontally about 12" up from the ground - to (2) of the corner posts on one side.
Put a floor jack under the middle of the 2x6, and lift the one side of the shed gently until the two posts start lifting up.
At that point, I'll cut both posts just under the bottom of the 2x6, lower the floor jack, remove the 2x6 and repeat the process on the opposite side of the shed.
I'll keep doing that, kind of ratcheting down the shed until it's on the ground.
Seems pretty safe to do it that way.

any other ideas or comments?
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Buy a 2x6, 12 foot long.
Ayuh,.... Ya need more, 'n heavier material, times 2, so you can do both sides at once,....

Ya might also need lateral bracin' as ya go,....
Too complicated, and too easy to lose and crash to the ground, You do not want to be the witch from OZ.

Get a Crane to come out and lower it and place it wherever you would like it.

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