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Stone Dust or Cement Sand in a Patio??

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Hello! this is my first post!

I am about to start excavating and dry laying a natural, all color bluestone patio and I want to see what the consensus is for the dry material. I will be laying 3-4 inches of gravel and then stone dust or cement sand…

I have heard stone dust is the best choice. Now I am told fine cement sand has a better grip. Anyone have any advice?
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by gravel, I hope you mean Dense Grade or 3/4 minus. If it isn't anything you can pack tightly, whatever fine material you use on top will just fall through the cracks. I haven't built my patio yet, but I plan on packing some DG and then laying a fine course of sand to fine tune the leveling. I used just straight DG to level my retaining wall. PACK PACK PACK!!!
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