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still scraping paint off but thinking ahead

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I am removing super old paint off the exterior of my 1/2 1950's 1/2 1993 house. Mostly pealing and then chalky primer underneath the older part of the house. I have most of it scraped off, with the wood showing and now I'm thinking of which primer to use. It's a cedar shingle house with white trim and it is the trim/soffit/window/doors that I am working on. I live in San Diego, Ca if that matters and most painters seem to use latex here. Will the wood bleed through and what does that really mean? Whatever I use I want it to last because this isn't really fun.
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Cedar has one of the highest contents of Tannins, the brown stuff that bleeds through the paint. Tannins disolve in water so they will bleed through the latex primer. Oil is really the only way to go. Plus it lasts longer.
Oil is really the only way to go.

I agree for primer only.
I coat oil primer, 2 coats 100% acrylic top coats is the standard.
still scraping and powerwashing

Thanks for the primer advice. I did notice that in some areas I have mold or mildew on the old paint. I know that I need to treat it before I paint and I've heard to use a bleach water solution. Anyone know the concentration? I know that I need to be careful because I am using it on the exterior trim/soffits/doors/windows and don't want to get it on the cedar shingles (which my house is covered in) which I am not painting.
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