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Stiletto mini hammer 14 oz

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I'm guessing these light hammers aren't really all around tool, but thought I'd ask anyway.
If nailing in the space of a joist bay, about 14", I may be able to tap in a nail, but how would it be with these hammers?
I don't think I would spend that much for a hammer, esp since I use corded or cordless air guns. For that reason, can anybody recommend short, fiberglass handle hammer that has a nail starter? The nail starter is a must. Thank you in advance.
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Thanks for reply but I mean without compressor or going to the tool box for angle drill. Seldom, I just want to finish the work with what I got right there. I am guessing that light weight will make it impossible in short swing situation.
The hammers I have are alright, but as I am getting older, a nail starter will make it easier for once in a blue moon situation.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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