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Sticky subfloor

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After removing some 2 x 2 self stick tiles in a kitchen, the subfloor is coated in adhesive that is extremely sticky, to the point that if you stand on it you get stuck like a fly to flypaper. Is there anything that can be put on the subfloor to make it less sticky or am I destined to lay a new subfloor?
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what do you plan on putting down now? baby powder will make the floor less sticky
What are your plans Gymschu what are your plans?:)
Gonna be laying down sheet vinyl to replace the individual square tiles.................never thought about baby's just a pain to work around this sloppy, sticky mess.
Will you be gluing or loose laying the vinyl?
Well that's going to be a mess and make the sheet vinyl installation difficult at best.

There are products available commercially that can be used to remove the old adhesive but it's a lot of work and a mess to deal with.

We have used a reducer product called "Detach", there are others. Once the reducer is down and working you must scrape up the mess, and it turns into a sticky snot-like material. We have also used "Oil-Sorb" or "cat litter" to bulk-up the snot and help dry it to make it more manageable.:)
Here is a question for you Pros??? Would it be better to leave the old flooring in tack and going forward from there. I think I know, if tile is going down the problem can be eliminated with backer board or durarock. Please let me know if I am out of the ballpark. If laminate is going in, a new sheet of 1/4 luane (sp??) would take care of the issue. I would love to learn more.
Thanks all for the suggestions. I'm thinking the least messy and probably best solution IS to lay down some luan..........
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