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Sticky Hardwood Floor Stain after 5 days

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I put stain on my hardwood floors, but did not wipe them off as instructed because I liked the color. It's 5 days later and the floors are still sticky. Any suggestions on how to get them dry so I can start applying the polyurethane? Also, the bottle of poly states to apply 2-3 coats and once the final coat is on, not to put anything heavy on the floors for 14-21 days. Is this true? I was hoping to move in a week after the poly coats were applied.
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stain was pobably to thickly put on. run some fans and dehumidifier. Your prolly gonna have to buff off what hasnt already dried. use an oil based poly to seal everything. Waterbased poly will cause problems with this stain.

you can move tables/chairs in after 5 days. DO NOT put any rugs or anything that prevents air circuting over the floors for 3-4 weeks. The poly needs time to cure.

If say a rug is put down withing 1 week. If you take that rug up in 3 months there is gonna a noticable dark area showing where the rug was. The rest of the floor will be lighter due to curing and UV lights

good luck
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