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sticking door latch

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On our pantry door, the latch has gone in but won't come back out. I squirted some graphite in but it didn't help. I took the doorknobs off and squirted graphite in the latch mechanism but that didn't help either. Does it sound like the whole works needs replaced, or is there something else I could try?
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Cheap enough to just replace it.
Hard to make a better suggestion without a picture of what you have.
Replacing it seemed to be the best solution. Now I'm having trouble removing the old latch. I've removed the screws from the faceplate, but I'm not sure how to remove the latch. It seems stuck or the hole seems like it might be too small?
Hopefully I've successfully attached a few photos.


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Use a long screw driver inside the hole in the middle, stand at the end of the door and with both hands pull towards yourself.
It's a press fit and should just slide out.
Worked like a charm. Doorknob changed out. Thanks for the help.
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