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Moving forward on our bathroom remodel progress, we installed the tub and end walls yesterday for our Sterling Accord "caukless" kit. I read a lot about these, and a few people on some forums (and the product literature) suggested that you take out the metal retaining clips when test fitting the walls. Then I read one guy (on contractor talk) say the retaining clips don't even really have to be put back in for final assembly as they don't offer any structural support. So, we test fitted with them out, and decided to leave them out.

The problem, is that now we have a small gap between the tub and the left side of the back wall extending around to the valve side end wall. It's greater than the 1/32" max gap recommended by Sterling, so it's obviously a fitment issue. Could it be that we're leaving those clips out that they walls can't lock in place and sit flush with the tub?

In case you're not familiar with the tub/install, here's a quick/short video showing the basic install process.
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