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We are in the middle of an unexpected re-model. After just 2 years, we have had significant water damage in our master bath are re-doing it. I am very paranoid given that we are having to do this in a short period.
My contractor is doing the following steps:

*Put the plywood on the shower stall floor.
*Then added like a plastic on the surrounding walls.
*Put up cement backer board on the walls and on the floor in the rest of the bathroom. They are nailed pretty close to each other.
No gaps what soever.

*On the floor of the stall he has put some PVC layer and wrapped it around the raised edges of the shower.
*He then poured mortar on the PVC in the shower floor and is creating a slope towards the drain.

I suppose he will be installing the dietra (orange color ) water proofing membrane on all surfaces in the bathroom ( floor, raised edge around shower stall and on the walls and on the bench ( good bench).

Can he apply the dietra directly on the mortar? When shoould he use the thin set? He has bought only regular thin set? Please advice re: steps so far. I hope he has not done too much to cause moisture to be trapped under in the shower. I will appreciate answers from all who have experience in completing this project. I don't want to throw money down the drain again.
thanks in advance for your responses

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Hi Raji,

If the work is being done as you've are throwing $$$ down the drain again. :censored:

Why did you wait until work started before you became concerned? You still don't seen to know what or how the work will be done. You mentioned "dietra" (Ditra), I doubt the contractor will be using Ditra in the shower in any way. It also sounds like he is not doing a Kerdi shower either. Sounds like a standard shower job with several mistakes. Maybe the wrong tile setter?

Go here to see how a "standard" shower is built;

Go to my photo albums to learn how a waterproof & watertight Kerdi shower is built;

For consulting about how showers are built have the contractor (or you) contact me.


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It is a kerdi membrane and not ditra my mistake. I checked out the photos posted by you on picasa web. Can you be specific as to where he went wrong. Is it wrong to put a PVC lining on cement backer board and adding the layer of mortar on it when going the kerdi route? Is'nt more the merrier in terms of protection? ( cement board, PVC lining and then the kerdi membrane) Please correct me if I am wrong. The project isn't complete yet and I can still correct the wrongs. He has'nt laid the kerdi membrane yet? I believe he will be using regular thin set to do it.

Thanks again for your reply and hope to learn from previous mistakes.
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