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steps for painting pine

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I built a couple of beams out of 1x8 pine boards that I will be putting in my kitchen. I am going to sand them and fill any knots with wood putty and then plain on painting them an off white color. I have some oil primer and oil paint from sherwin williams that I used on my cabinets that I would like to use on the beams. Is there anything special that I need to do for these pine boards for painting them and getting a good finish? Thanks
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Not really, just make sure that the primer/paint are both interior products.

Prime the wood with oil primer, wait; paint the wood with oil paint (2 coats), wait. Install. (Follow the directions on the can of course).

The only rub is if you are using oil-based wood filler. Make sure you allow the filler to *fully* dry before applying any paint/primer. The solvent in the primer will weaken the filler and it will likely pop out!
Considering that you're filling the knots, they should be fine. Wood filler is normally paintable, but check the instructions for your specific filler. As long as the filler does not fall out of the knots, there shouldn't be any problems.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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