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Its funny, but after each project I do I have the utmost appreciation for that particular group of tradesman. I can now say that about flooring tradesmen.

Anyway Ive just finished grouting my ceramic flooring and am wondering what comes next... After waiting 24 hours do I then seal it, wait instructed amount of time, then mop the floor?

Or do I wait 24 hours , then mop the floor, then seal it?

Im bascially wondering if I seal then mop or mop then seal. I did my best to get tile surface clean of grout residue but I didnt want to overdo it and disturb the grout lines.

Is it ok to clean ceramic tile flooring with Murphys Oil Soap or is there something else that works better, yet I have a 1 year old and prefer to keep chemical cleaners to a minimum if possible.

Thanks gang :thumbup:

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I clean, then seal with appropriate times between the two.

Murphy's Oil Soap is a no-no on ceramic :no:; what you really want is no residue because residue dulls the shine and makes the tile sticky underfoot. Try walking ona MOSoap-cleaned floor in sneakers and you'll hear the sticking...that's because MOSoap has soap (or detergent) in it and those are sticky ingredients.

There is nothing in MOSoap that you need to put on tiles.:no:

Consider that the tile surface is a glassy, shiny, almost smooth surface. First you don't want dirt to accumulate in the valleys and therefore you need something that removes the dirt. You also want the cleaner you use NOT to leave any residues itself either. But what cleaner doesn't leave residues like that?

The answer consists of using a cleaning operation that dissolves dirt, from greases to oils and then picks them up and leaves nothing behind. The solution is Windex (not just 99-cent glass cleaners) but Windex with 20-40% isopropanol in it and a clean microfibre mop. Wash the mop pad after every use, in the washing machine. No residue on the mop pad + no residues in the Windex = a clean floor.

It is a combination of chemical and physical actions that leave the floor with no residues. MOSoap is as old as soap itself and not what ceramic floors need.

Maybe wooden floors - but who lives in a barn anyway.:laughing:
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