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Folks - I want to share the DIY build of my home theater. The step by step build is here -

The YouTube channel link for the build is -

To give some background I wanted to create a home theater in my basement. I wanted to have an Accoustically transparent screen which means the speakers would be mounted behind the screen and the screen would be transparent to sound. This is the list of equipment I purchased and approximate costs for each. The total cost was around $6k.

1. Receiver - Denon 4400h -*$800

2. LCR speakers - JbL studio 590s -*$1600

3. Surrounds - JBL studio 580s -*$700

4. Rear surrounds - Martin logan MLT2 - existing

5. Subwoofer - Klipsch r112sw -*$350

6. Projector - Epson home cinema 3800 -*$1500

7. Uhd player - Panasonic ub420 -*$150

8. Projector Ceiling mount and plate -*$150

9. Cost of materials - Approx.*$600

These are the things I built and the imgur post goes into more details on step by step instructions. The materials used for each are also provided below. An invaluable took used for the construction was kreg jig to build pocket holes.

Ceiling mount

1. Plywood
2. Wood screws
3. Wood glue

Speaker supports

1. 2x6
2. Wood glue
3. Wood scews

Ceiling supports

1. 2x4
2. Wood glue
3. Wood screws

Frame for panels

1. 2x4
2. Wood screws
3. Wood glue
4. Tapcon anchors

Screen and panels

1. 1 x 3 poplar
2. Wood screws
3. Wood glue
4. Spandex

Absorption panels

1. 1 x 4 common board
2. Wood screws
3. Wood glue
4. Weed barrier fabric
5. Roxul safe and sound
6. Spandex

Speaker stands

1. 1 x 4
2. MDF
3. Wood screws
4. Wood glue

The power tools used were bought at set for Father's day sale for*$199. Regular price is*$300. The tools used were:

1. Ryobi Circular saw*
2. Ryobi drill
3. Ryobi impact driver
4. Harbor freight saw horses
5. Ryobi drill bits
6. Masonry bit
7. Harbor freight level
8. Harbor freight clamps
9. Kreg jig
10. Hammer

I have not talked about electrical design in the imgur post although the YouTube video goes into this. I had the electrician wire two dedicated 20 amp circuits to the av rack. For the projector I ran a dummy Romex from the projector location to the av rack with one end terminating in an outlet near the projector and the other end on the av rack terminating as an inlet. I connected the ups to one of the dedicated 20 amps and connected the projector inlet to the ups using an extension. In this way I am able to protect the ups from power outages. The other dedicated 20 amps is used for all my other equipment.

Hopefully all of this has been helpful. Please reach out if you have more questions.

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