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Steel studs / Basement Insulation

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I just bought enough NEW 3 5/8" steel studs and track for the entire basement at a steal form Habitat for Humanity.
I plan to frame and insulate the outer walls only, within 6 weeks to get an energy rebate.
Several questions,
When I space away from the wall, is there a way to use more than R 13.5 fibreglass insul in , not compressed of course?
Can I use R20 and let it hand out the back without collapsing, or is there a way to support it to keep from sagging or is spray foam or rigid in behind my only other option.
Second, if I spray foam, then obviously no air gap, but can I spray over a wall with a fine crack / leak which is caused by bad drainage outside... in a window well. The drainage is being improved as I plan to excavate the outer wall and clogged window well to seal at the same time.
Any other pointers for lapping corners , etc with steel studding would be appreciated.
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Thanks Ron, actually meant how do I frame the tracks at ceiling and floor for inside and outside corners, just a butt joint or do I knotch and interlace them. I am debating fastening to the floor with drill and tapcons or a ramset hammer. Have both hammer drills and single fire Remington Ramset tool

I am also debating insullation materials, was just quoted $3.45 per squure foot for 4.5" foam at R24, including rim joist although I have resealed the rim joist and sole plates myself.
Any comments from anybody?
Has anyone got any feedback, good or bad on Icynene and its enviro freinldy claims. Arethere othere "non chemical" type foams ?
Thanks II W and CC and all. I live between Toronto and Detroit . Here's the thing, if I insulate to R23 I get a $2750 eco energy rebate, if I do only R13 I get $1350. So the 140 studs and 320 ' of track cost me $200 for a 1100 foot basement. Insullation will be the large material cost. I'll either use 2" rigid foam plus batt or spray foam. If I spray foam, i'll break even or close after additional 15% tax credit, If I do batts and foam board to R23, my drywall becomes free...
CC I appreciate your concern on the steel with moisture and rust. I see alot of steel in better quality homes in our area. I will be insulating below and behind and run a dehumidifier in the basement as well. Just not sure about Icynene. I amstill ab ibit aprehensive about flamables with toxic fumes in my basement. I think I will use Roxul batts for steel studs.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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