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Steel studs / Basement Insulation

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I just bought enough NEW 3 5/8" steel studs and track for the entire basement at a steal form Habitat for Humanity.
I plan to frame and insulate the outer walls only, within 6 weeks to get an energy rebate.
Several questions,
When I space away from the wall, is there a way to use more than R 13.5 fibreglass insul in , not compressed of course?
Can I use R20 and let it hand out the back without collapsing, or is there a way to support it to keep from sagging or is spray foam or rigid in behind my only other option.
Second, if I spray foam, then obviously no air gap, but can I spray over a wall with a fine crack / leak which is caused by bad drainage outside... in a window well. The drainage is being improved as I plan to excavate the outer wall and clogged window well to seal at the same time.
Any other pointers for lapping corners , etc with steel studding would be appreciated.
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Insulation for steel framing is different from residential R-13 made for 2x4 studs. There is a a difference of 1/2" in the stud bays. (wood studs: 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" / Steel studs: 1-1/4" x 3-5/8")

If you locate and purchase commercial fiberglass insulation (Usually sold at Drywall type supply houses), you will find wider insulation (unfaced), for the 1-1/4" steel stud bay-width.
You may have to install a poly vapor barrier over that, facing the warm side.
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