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So, I have steel structure on piles, (in the city, too complicated dealing with property lines with the neighbors for cement foundation).

I am filling in the structure with normal stud walls.

Now the question is, what to do in place of the knee wall?

If I want a cement knee wall, I still need to dig deep and have some kind of base for it not to move and crack (note we are up in quebec, canada).

I only need the space between the earth and the stud wall sealed, no load is on it...

1. What can I do to make it sealed instead of a knee wall?

While we are at it, the garage has an existing slab of cement floor. The edge of the cement floors lost some earth/gravel underneath it while we are digging to fit the piles.

2. How do we fill the hollow parts under the edge of the garage cement floor?
The floor is like 6 -8 inches thick on an old 3 inch think cement slab with gravel/small rock kind of base from 100 years ago.


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