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I have finished my steam room and am very happy with the results, waterproofing and such. The tiled door opening is 35.5 .5x78 and would like to purchase the steam door. I found the frame less doors are nicer looking. I called Kohler and they sell frame less doors, and you can glue on a seal if you wish. All of the pictures I see of attractive steam doors have no seal.

So here is my questions. If I am buying a thick glass frame less steam shower door without a seal, is it any different than a just buying a thick glass shower door? My steam generator is well over-powered and I am not worried that it won't keep up with an unsealed door. Or do I need to buy a framed steam door even though it is only for residential use? And if you have suggestions of what type of door I would need, is there a place to order the doors which are easy to install and reasonably price.

I appreciate any advice/input you can give
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