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I have looked around on this site and elsewhere and can't find what size staple is required for different Romex sizes. At the local big box store, they had staples that were too big or too small, and nothing just right (call me Goldilocks!).

I'll be running the following NM-B wire sizes (with ground) for my renovation project: 14/3, 14/2, 12/2, 10/3, 8/3, 6/3

I have 1/2" insulated staples that are supposed to work with 14/2, 12/2, and 10/2. The store didn't have the 9/16" staples that are intended for 14/3, 12/3, and 10/3. And I couldn't find anything that seemed right for the 8/3 and 6/3. Can you point me toward some products that are acceptable?

Thanks so much! :thumbup:
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