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I recently did landscaping in my back yard, and since the completion, I have standing water towards the outer part of my yard by my gate. The original project was putting #2 river rock along my fenceline. Excavater was used and in the process, my backyard (grass) was ruined. So I added dirt, graded, seeded. Where did I go wrong? The water is actually above the rocks.

ANY IDEAS???????

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You have a few options to rectify the situation.

As mentioned, it appears that the grade at your property line is actually now higher than the land sloping towards it, so the water now has nowhere to go.

1. Re-grade so that there is a gentle slope towards your property line. Of course this depends on your property and if this is possible. I tend to think there was an original issue due to the fact that river rock was to go at the edges.

2. If for some reason this is not possible, you could create a rain garden. This would be a bed that would be planted with plants that like wet conditions. In addition, you could add a more permeable soil to the area by mixing in sand.This will help the drainage.

3. Install a lawn drain in this area. Grade towards it and install a drainage pit to collect the water. This is similar to a drum with holes at the sides, allowing water to percolate out.

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