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Standing seam metal in NJ

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I am looking for advice on a standing seam metal roof in Northern NJ.

Here in NJ, 99% of homes I see are asphalt. Obviously in many other places 99% are metal.

We are looking to go metal for several reasons. It is made of recycled material, recyclable, more efficient (will allegedly keep attic cooler, where we plan on finishing eventually) and potentially lasts longer.

The $1500 rebates on shingles seem to only apply to awful white shingles, however $1500 rebates on metal roofs apply to many nice colors (from red to blue to green to gray, etc.)

Since we have a small house, the $1500 rebate will nearly pay for the cost difference between metal and asphalt.

Clearly we are going to stick out a lot (although we will pick a neutral color)... any thoughts on all of this?
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I think it is a wise choice and wspecially so when getting a piece of the refund from the stimulus package.

I posted a list of the asphalt shingles that were approved and although it was not Only white ones, the colored versions were of a unique special order and priced accordingly.

The heavier guage panel you go with, the better it will look, along with slimmer widths, to decrease the aount of "Oil Canning" effect that may be visible.

Have you done any research on the available metal products yet?

I think you should look up a guy who posts on many roofing forums, going by the name of, The Roofing God at

I have seen some really nice metal standing seam roof photos of work he has done.

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