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Stairway molding

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Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping that I can get some help. A friend has asked me for help and I'm a little defeated. He wants to add some chair rail molding on the wall going down the stairway to his basement. He got the flat wall done okay but now he (we) are having a difficult time with the other side. The wall goes up to the upper landing where there's an outside corner which leads into the kitchen. This the problem I having, the molding angle coming upward is about 35* and the from the outside corner trim on that wall into the kitchen is a straight line. When I cut the 35* angle cut, the wood edge is wider than the trim is without the cut because of the angle.
So I can't figure this out. ThankS in advance for any help that can be offered.
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Thanks for the information and link. Correct, I am trying to go around a corner quite similar to the illustration. So now I have to give it a shot one evening this week. I really appreciate your help.

Take a scrap piece of the molding and place it vertical at the intersecting point, now draw a line, on the wall, inside and outside of the molding just a smidge past the intersecting points. Now place the piece of molding horizontal at the intersecting point and draw a line inside and outside the molding, on the wall, just a hair past the intersecting point.

Right where the lines on the wall, intersect outside the molding, make a mark on the molding. Now do the same where the inside lines intersect on the inside. Draw a line from dot to dot on the scrap and that is where you want to cut, now do the other piece the same way. Cut the angles and see if they fit, if they do you got it, if not just adjust the cut a little.

I just reread your post, are you trying to go around the corner? If you are here is a link that a friend of mine and a member here wrote about that:

I will have to put the picture on the next post.
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Thanks for that information, looks like a nice tool to have. I'll need to look into a purchase.

A simple seeming job like this will make you pull your hair out.
One simple to use tool that will make it easier is one of these.
Your going to be dealing with outside corner that's not an exact 90 angle, baseboards that are not 100% level so this tool makes it easier to make the double cuts.
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