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I am redoing an old house for my daughter. The only lighting in the stairwell leading upstairs is a single light at the top with a pull chain. Is there any way to install anything like motion sensors at the top and bottom and have them control a switch unit hooked into the light. I really don't want to try fishing all the wire needed for a 3-way switch.

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Yes, they are light switches, that will sense when a person passes by & turns on, then after a set time frame, turn off. Personally, if it was me, I would place LED lighting along the treads running along the wall to light the way, plus a light in the middle of the stairwell that will illuminate it better then a single bulb fixture.

Also, you will need to fish 14/3 or 12/3 in order to place a switch @ the bottom & top of the stairs, which is pretty much required by code in most cities now days.

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He only has a pull chain now though. I do believe that most of those solutions require one hardwired switch for the receiver unit.

X-10 makes a product called the "Socket Rocket" which can be controlled by any X-10 controller. It screws into the bulb socket, and the bulb then screws into it. They make a nice looking wireless switch as well, called "Slimline Switch Decorator White".

They also have motion sensors and other such things.

I refuse to link to their site because the "design" of the site makes me want to vomit in rage (that is my professional opinion, BTW). Google "X-10" and you'll see what I mean. Their products are also not super great, but they do work.

I have a few lights using lamp modules and the decorator slimline switch at home. The worst case is that I sometimes have to hit the on or off button twice to get the light to turn on and off.

They do have the benefit of being CHEAP, however.

All told, you'll be happier with yourself if you hard wire the thing.
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