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Staining New Wood Garage Door

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Hi Everyone!

We just purchased a new wood garage door that has not been stained/primed. It is white cedar, rough hewn. We are by the ocean, about 1/2 mile so we need to stain/seal it right away. I know we need to do all sides.

A few questions:

What is the best application? Brush, spray, roll ( I don't think the last one would work too well with the rough hewn texture)

What is the best type of stain for this type of application? I am guessing an oil based but I redid our cabinets years ago and thought my head was going to explode from the fumes! But since it will be in the garage when I stain it I will have some ventilation but if it's windy the old door will be closed.

What company's stain is the best in your opinion? What would last the longest? I know we are looking at a lifetime of staining this door but would like at least two years or so out of each time if possible.

Do I need a top coat over the stain of some sort? How many coats? I've stained our wood fence before, brushed and just let it penetrate.

I've attached a picture of half of the door and a picture of our new front door - the color hopefully I can get to with the stain.

Any help would be most welcome!

Thank you!


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Tina, you answered you own question about how to apply when discussing the fence, a brush.
You probably can't get an oil where you live. I know CA has extremely restrictive regulations and oil is banned in most, if not all, of CA. Someone from CA might come along and say otherwise.
If you want the color of the door, and that stain/coating has performed well, stick with what you know.
As to whether you need a clear coat, that depends on the protective qualities of the stain, and whether it will accept a clear.
Thank you for the information. The thing is the front door was factory stained but I would like to find a stain (and maybe do a black glaze over it) to compliment/match it.

We were able to buy oil based paint a few months ago (painted a jet ski trailer - wow was that a labor of love - for my husband not the skis!:no:) I'm not sure on the stain though - I'll go check tomorrow.

Does it matter if it is oil based or water based? Do they work equally?

Thanks again for any input!

You could contact the door manufacturer and explain the situation, they may be helpful. I'm sure that stain is spec'd to withstand all the elements that your garage door would. That's where I would start, and be persistent.
I've never reached for a latex semi trans or trans stain for a project like that. The only time I used a semi trans latex stain I didn't care for it too much. It dried way too quickly and left some laps that I didn't care for. Working time and penetration would be my reasons for oil.

As to oil vs latex in CA, your trailer was steel that may be why you were able to get it. In my area all oil trim enamels must state that they are for metal only, even though they're used for wood, which is confusing to HO's. It's a semantic feel good government thing. But, since the type of coating we're talking about has no metal application, you may not be able to get it. How's that for liberty?
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