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Staining new cabinets.

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Okay all you pros, guide me through this please. I have some left over stain from my upstairs when I built my house 4 yrs ago. Am now installing a vanity in my basement bathroom. I am going to use the same stain for this project.

Can someone give me guidance. I know i have to

1. Stain
2. Seal it (urethane)
3. ???

I dont need to sand it, do I?? Can I seal it with a brush on type urethane?

Thanks people
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If the wood is a soft wood you will need to apply a pre-conditioner first to avoid the stain from blotching. Then stain. No sanding after. apply a sealer, sand lightly to scuff the surface with 220 grit paper. Then apply two coats of poly top coat sanding in between coats.
urethane needs a stain then sealer then sanding then urethane then sanding then urethane. Oak will not need a pre-conditioner. Also the stain is optional.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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