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Staining Deck Before Install?

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I'm getting ready to replace the decking portion of my deck (the structure itself is fine). Recently moved into a new house and the prior owners never treated the boards. They're beyond repair at this point.

While I'm at it, I am planning on replacing the ballisters/top rails, etc. The deck is on the second story, so accessing the outside of the ballisters to stain them after installation won't be ideal.

Are there any issues with treating and staining the ballisters prior to installation, as opposed to after? Anything else I should take into consideration as I move forward?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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If it's pressure treated you need to wait 3 to 6 months before staining depending on where you live to give it time to dry out.
If not there's no way for the stain to soak in and you will just be sealing in the moisture which will cause a mold problum from then on.
No idea on what's avalible in your area because you left off your location when you signed up.
Also would need to know what your budget is.
IPE would last for ever and never need any stain.
If your on the west coast Ceder seems to be real populer.
On the east coast your stuck with pine unless your willing to pay.
There's lots of composits out there that would be trouble free.
All depands on what your willing to pay.
Composit can triple the price.
I prefure ceramic coated decking screws over stainless.
Reasons being there 1/2 the cost and harder so there's less cam out.
Both are ACQ approved.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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