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I have relocated the kitchen drain connection to a lower elevation in order to properly accommodate a garbage disposer.

The following image shows the back of the kitchen cabinet with the new drain stub out in the lower left. You can see the vacated "hole" left by the original drain connection further up to the right.

I have since plugged the hole.

Next I will fill in the perimeter of the circle with some natural color wood filler, sand it flush and smooth, then I will need to stain it to match the best I can. Since it's the back of the cabinet it doesn't need to be perfect but I would appreciate any advice to make it as invisible as possible.

Yes my plan A was to cut a new piece of wood for the cabinet back so I don't need to plug the hole, however, the copper water supply lines have escutcheons on which require me to take the supply valves off, and once they are off, the ferrule would not come off due to whoever originally installed them overtightened them to the point of strangulation. So I went with plan B to plug the hole instead.

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It would be very difficult to make a patch like that blend. Between the grain being different [and wrong direction] along with fillers not accepting stain well it's next to impossible to make it acceptable looking.

I'd either cut an over sized piece of wood or paneling finished to the color of the inside of the cabinet and tack it over the offending area or fill in the gaps and paint.

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I'm with Mark. I think no matter what you do it will still show more than it seems you want. I have yet to find a wood filler that takes stain, even the ones labelled as 'stainable'. If anything, I would use a tinted filler.
It's the back of a cabinet - under a sink. You've already done more than I probably would have. A month from now you will have forgotten it's there.
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